Powerpoint 2013 Basics: A Tutorial

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When we’re relying on a PowerPoint file to sell a presentation, it’s crucial that we design the visuals nicely and in an organized way. Otherwise, we run the risk of shooting ourselves in the foot when our message gets lost in visual “noise.”


But how can we possibly do that if we don’t even master the basic tools built into the world’s most used presentation software?


This e-book teaches you how to use those 10 PPT tools, so you can save time when you’re creating a presentation while help to ensure a solid audience reaction to that presentation.


Basic and optimally functional! Take a look at the 10 keys to unlocking the PPT magic:


1. How to use a ruler
2. How to edit the size of a slide
3. How to insert a movie
4. How to crop a picture
5. How to rotate a picture
6. How to restore a diminished picture to original size
7. How to remove the background of a picture
8. How to arrange objects
9. How to align objects
10. How to use the formatting brush

Download the e-book now and let these PowerPoint Basics give your presence and presentations a welcome boost.

NOTE: In order to be sure of a fully functioning template, we urge you to use it in Windows.

Free download here!

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