"Template for Presenting Results and New Goals"


Template for Presenting Results and New Goals

Your goals, our visuals


How has your company fared?
And how about your area? 
Have you achieved your goals? 
Your objectives reached?


OK, then, so now it’s time for you to be at your best to spread the good news. Because you’re going to need an engaged team to stay the course.


A good strategy, a creative script and impacting visuals are essential for presenting results – and so we’re here to help you if you like.


But if you decide to do the year-end thing on your own, no problem. A friend in need is a friend indeed, so we want to help you anyway.


Download this template now! 


Present your results and goals in a beautiful, organized and persuasive way!


  1. Previous year’s scenario
  2. Goals
  3. Current scenario
  4. Benefits of having reached the goals
  5. Upcoming scenario and new goals
  6. Strategies for the coming year
  7. Benefits


NOTE: In order to be sure of a fully functioning template, 
we urge you to use it in Windows

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